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Surface Preparation
The surface of your vehicle or wheel cap must be clean and free of all oils, waxes and dirt.
Use a wax remover or alcohol on painted surfaces if applying on freshly waxed paint. Your decals have three layers: The top layer is a clear protective layer and looks similar to thick cling-film. The middle layer is the actual 3D Domed Gel badge/decal. The bottom layer is a backing paper treated with a release agent.

Apply decal at room temperature or above. The warmer it is, the better it works, but avoid direct sunlight.

Step 1: Ensure the surface is clean
It is vital that all surfaces are clean and free from grease and grit. If you are applying to a dirty vehicle, the adhesive from the graphic will adhere to the dirt and not the vehicle itself, which will result in failure later on. There are many cleaning solutions available which will do the job. The best procedure is to clean with a commercial detergent followed by a light clean with a suitable solvent such as methylated spirit (always check the solvent won't harm the surface before applying in any great quantity).

Step 2: Fitting the graphics into place
While it is tempting to often stick graphics on "by eye", spending a little time will ensure the best job. Hold the graphic in position while you measure, and adjust the position of the graphic until it is straight and square (or however it needs to be). Remember, once the backing sheet is removed you only have one chance to stick the graphics correctly, so it is worth spending a few extra minutes getting this stage right!

Step 3: Remove the backing sheet and apply the graphic
Hold the graphic up away from the surface and peel off the backing sheet. Then slowly apply the graphic to the surface using a "down and out" motion to minimise air bubbles.
Slightly curved surfaces refers to surfaces that are no more than 1mm-2mm depth from the center to the outside edge depending on the overall diameter, if this is greater you will experience lifting of the badges. Under these conditions you may have to apply an adhesive to bond the two parts together.


We manufacture custom wheel badges to your specific requirements, be it single, set of 4 or more 3D Gel Wheel badges, we will bring your ideas alive. Our experienced design team will create and adapt to your unique logo specifications from a simple drawing to a professionally finished product.


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